The new EDL--the English disco lovers

Wednesday 12th June 2013 | jim

The English Defence League are racist, outdated and definitely not the type of people you would invite to a disco. The English Disco Lovers are on a mission to promote the Utopian vision of disco rather than the racist campaign of the English Defence League. 

Especially after the race-induced attack on Lee Rigby in Woolwich, hearing EDL does not bring up positive thoughts. Despite the attack being unprovoked and an awful tragedy, the subsequent English Defence League marches have been spreading racist and fascist words of hate across the UK, and especially in London. Fortunately the EDL are still a minority, but the hate they are spreading is unfortunately growing and their often violent, hooligan like marches are not helping promote the UK in any positive sense.  

While you may feel very wrong stating that you follow the EDL on Facebook or you are a supporter of them, this may now have changed. I am not a racist but I can say that I support the EDL, but not the English Defence League, instead there is actually a new EDL: THE ENGLISH DISCO LOVERS, who act as a counter-movement to the English Defence League. There aim is to subvert the English defence league’s hatred, and instead promote equality, respect and the utopian vision of disco.

Eventually they hope that they will have gained more popularity than the racist movement, and have their website ( as the top result when ‘EDL’ is typed into Google.

Their motto on their site is ‘Unus mundus, una gens, unus disco’ (one world, one race, one disco) and completely undermines any of the serious connotations that the English Defence league are trying to promote.

Despite still in its early days, the English Disco Lovers have met at a few EDL marches trying to subvert the hatred by playing disco music and spreading the words of love rather than hatred.

If you want to help support join their twitter, visit their site or go along to one of their upcoming events at:

Glastonbury festival or Boogie Wonderland in Brighton.



So in their own words:

We don’t need this fascist groove thang!

Disco against discrimination!


written by Jim Roberts