Changing scene of DJ sets.

Tuesday 11th June 2013 | jim

You used to go to a club to or a night and choose the night because you knew they would be playing your genre of music. If you were into Hip Hop you would go to a hip-hop night, or if you were into Drum and Bass you would go to a drum and bass night. Nights were very pure and people choose them for certain things. But looking at some of the ‘best’ DJs in the world and looking at their sets things seem to have changed.

Are people get bored, or just more knowledgeable with a wider taste in music? If you go see some DJs now forerunning underground dance music their sets will span every genre from drum and bass, hip hop, old R&B and dubstep.

People’s interests seem to have changed and now people are including every genre in their sets so that it caters for everyone’s tastes and makes the sets more interesting. If you look at any set from Jackmaster or Oneman or some of the other pure DJs, they are no longer selecting only one genre, instead they put them all in together, jumping from one genre to another, and mixing songs that you would never imagine sitting well with each other.

The sets have become more fun and interesting and even though some might say this is bad, others would say this is a change for the best. With the Internet and social media people are becoming more connected and being able to listen to more and more music. It’s no longer about what your friends like or what your parents liked listening to that shapes your interests. N

ow just jumping onto the Internet you can listen to anything and everything, and arguably this has shaped people’s interests and some DJs are changing their sets accordingly. 



Written by Jim Roberts