Foo Fighters Back And Forth-Review

Indie | Thursday 9th June 2011 | Osh

Foo Fighters-Back And Forth Review For a band as big as Foo Fighters to put out a documentary detailing their career to date is no real suprise. However for the said band to put out a film that is as hard hitting and direct as Back And Forth is something altogether different and it is this transparency evident throughout the piece that makes this documentary so worth watching. Upon viewing the film one of the most striking aspects for the audience in terms of content is the way the band ruthlessly went through members during their early career. While recording second album ‘The Colour And The Shape’ frontman and rock icon Dave Grohl decided that he was not happy with sticksman William Goldsmith’s drum parts and subsequently decided to re-record the LP’s entire drum track himself without Goldsmith’s knowledge. Moments within the film accounting for such situations are not especially easy to view but it is this grit that draws the viewer in to the story, leaving them hungry for more and for this the Foo’s should certiainly be commended. Other stand out moments in the film are the description and dealing with of current drummer and long time band member Taylor Hawkins’ drug overdose and subsequent near death. All this doom and gloom to much for you, not to worry their is also plenty of good stuff available,such as an in depth look at the recording process of the band’s new album ‘Wasting Light’ as well as a section on their enormous show at Wembley Stadium in the summer of 2008. As an added bonus the band also include a section featuring footage of them ripping through the album in full, and it is such fan friendly touches that cement the bands place as modern rock royalty. George Cochran