Google Keyboard released on Google Play, Get It Now!

Thursday 6th June 2013 | Hanjie

If you’re using anything other than a Nexus phone, chances are that you’ll have and hate the stock keyboard on your phone. Well fret not, as Google Keyboard has been added to the Google Play Store, and anyone with a compatible device can download it for free.

For the uninitiated, Google’s stock keyboard is well known for its smooth typing experience, mostly thanks to its effective autocorrect and text prediction. There’s also voice and gesture typing on board, so those who prefer speaking or sliding over screens will be satisfied.

Personally, I prefer Swiftkey for its deeper customisation and personalisation (it browses your facebook and twitter to learn how you write), but if you’re unwilling to pay for the premium or simply do not need extra features, Google Keyboard is more than enough. You can download it here.

by Chase Chung