Event Preview: Glass Candy & Chromatic @ KOKO

Tuesday 4th June 2013 | Alex


Camden’s KOKO, June 12.

Glass Candy is an electronic duo from Oregon, sort of. Johnny Jewel’s on production and Ida No’s on vocals, and the two blur the not-so-fuzzy line between electro-rock and Italian disco. Go to celebrate, sure, but expect some absorptive, treacly drug music. It’s Glass Candy’s first gig in the UK since 2011.

Glass Candy overlaps a bit – Johnny Jewel helps out Chromatics too, and they're touring Europe together now. This time it’s a bit nosier – Chromatics are a synth-pop/punk revival four-piece whose (dissuasively titled) album ‘Kill For Love' you probably remember from last year. Expect mournful gothism from Chromatics, aggressive at first glance but fuzzy, sex-less and classy a bit later on.

KOKO's as big as it gets - it's seen Kanye and Prince gigs before. Doors are at 7, tickets are £16.

Glass Candy live -