New Joey Bada$$ Track Reviewed! ‘Word is Bond’

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 29th May 2013 | Alex


Joey Bada$$ is 18. Everyone keeps saying that and I’m not sure why it matters - Mobb Deep were 19 when ‘The Infamous’ slunk into our shops. Actually, he’s got it easier than the 40-somethingers, what with their tragic commitment to non-existent artilleries. ‘Word is Bond’ is the single off his upcoming EP ‘Summer Knights', and Joey’s age has nothing to do with how we should evaluate it.

I’ve misled you – ‘Summer Knights’ is a cool single. Pensive, melancholic keys and thrilling, undulating scratches comprise a grippingly austere track. Statik Selektah’s on production but he only gives us a shell – a harrowing skeleton-beat that leaves space for Joey to do his thing. I’ve always agreed (with pretty much everyone else) that Joey’s nothing new, but I maintain that he’s new enough. He’s nimble enough to drag back a genre that doesn’t want to be dragged.

Here’s the problem: ‘Word is Bond’ doesn’t have the spryness that it should – that other Joey Bada$$ stuff did. 


Check it out yourself, here:




Written by Alex Dean - @AlexDean94