Will Smith - Making a Comeback?

Wednesday 22nd May 2013 | Alex


It used to be cool to pretend Will Smith wasn’t cool. He gave us clean, good-humoured merriment where we wanted gun-shot samples. We’re all over that now though. (Most of us are, anyway. Stop doing that, DJ Kay Slay.) Since 1987’s ‘Rock the House’ Smith’s brought out eight albums, each oozing boundless positivity. And here’s a 9th?

I might get the bug” Will Smith

Well, I hope so. The Fresh Prince is thrusting us into speculation: “I’ve been messing around with Kanye. We went to the studio a couple of times”, he told journalists. Any collab between the two would be monumental. The Buzz around Kanye’s never been bigger – ‘Watch the Throne’ went multi-platinum, and it’d be Smith’s first release since 2005’s ‘Lost and Found’. 

Check out Smith’s ‘He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper’ here: