Korean MALE idol promotes red lipstick:

Wednesday 20th March 2013 | Suzanne

We all know that equality still has a long way to go, but men wearing lipstick will probably never be something we will get used to, or will it? Well, in Korea the first step has definitely been made by Saem Cosmetics by using their main male idol 'G-dragon', to promote its newest brand of fiery red lipstick. This might seem weird to some, but men wearing make-up might be of a lesser taboo than you would expect first hand. Most male actors, artists and other celebs are more often than not dolled up before they get on stage, take a picture or are seen in general.And also, lets not forget about that eyeliner trend a lot of men have indulged in.  Lipstick, however, is where most people draw the line. Will this ever change? Well, let’s decide for ourselves by watching this young man’s performance. Does he pull it off? 



By Suzanne Alblas