Who wears it better?

Wednesday 6th March 2013 | Suzanne


Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian still looks like the hot mama she has always been. Her fashion sense has been a bit out of it lately. Not only has she been wearing some questionable clothes which were apparently designed by hubby, Kanye himself. It can also be seen that she’s having some trouble picking outfits to go with her ‘pregnant-look’. Picking an outfit that resembles an Orca skin, might not be the best decision when trying to hide early pregnancy signs. Not only does the dress create countless opportunities for ridicule, the design itself is also not even close to being flattering or glamorous. So, what was Kim Kardshian trying to achieve wearing this atrocity? Well, we don’t know, we can only hope she won’t be attacking helpless little seals next. 


By Suzanne Alblas