Sound City – Documentary by Dave Grohl

Indie | Monday 18th February 2013 | Tej


Dave Grohl’s Documentary about the not so well known studio established in 1969 in Las Vegas, California. 

This studio saw artists like Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Metallica and Rick Springfield recording their albums that defined their existence. This documentary takes us through the history of the Sound City Studios, the changes it’s been through, and the different artists that it’s housed. There are several artists that share their history with the studio in the film, with appearances from artists like Mick Fleetwood to Lars Ulrich (Metallica drummer). Dave Grohl’s vision brought this project to fruition, making this a documentary after he bought most of the analog equipment from the studio when it was being shut down. The album of soundtracks produced by Dave Grohl has him collaborating with various artists that have been through the doors of Sound City Studios and brings to light the amazing life this studio has been through.