Sporty looks VS Traditional style

Other | Tuesday 12th February 2013 | Nani


The runway in New York had no time off this weekend, which means of course I have not time off and it’s time for another review. We watched so that we could bring you the most popular shows from the runway, and we’re happy to say you will not be disappointed. The shows that stood out happened to contrast each other, with some being heavily influenced by sport and the others maintaining a traditional look. Either way, the runway saw beautiful pieces.

Keeping in line with what has already been seen so far, Lacoste started off with monochrome colours and began to introduce eye catching tones in the form of shapes and blocking. Other than a few raincoats we confused with large pieces of plastic, the show kept their sporty style intact while showing winter clothing. The same sporty feel was shown during the Y-3 show with layered graphic prints and need-to-have shoes, where the focus was on visualising how future generations might mix fabric and technology. On the other hand, DKNY maintained classic looks with constant colour (if you consider beige a colour) in girly pieces ranging from short dresses to powerful coats in every fabric imaginable.

As usual, Betsey Johnson blew the other designers away with her confident use of colour, shapes, and prints on the runway that left a fun and young impression. The star brought looks that were inspired by a ranged background, making it hard to define the specific look Betsey was going for which provided an entertaining and erratic display of pieces. Basically, if you like colour, you like Betsey!

Our final stand out show has to be Marc by Marc Jacobs, which brought us the most ready-to-wear looks for this coming Fall/Winter with traditional sweaters, dresses that don’t stand out too much, and coats that give off a professional vibe. Keeping it a little safe, the show maintained a casual look that anyone would be happy to wear, including us!

Keep checking back for updates on NY Fashion Week and what we think of the looks the runway has to offer. Expect more colour and prints, as the general feel seems to point in that direction. Although we might be able to predict what’s coming, it’s still as exciting as ever.