Video - Music Through Poverty: From Trash to Trumpets

Monday 10th December 2012 | Martin

A Paraguayan slum has become a place of innovation and inspiration as locals turn dumped materials into orchestral instruments.      

Cateura, Paraguay is a community built around a landfill site. Its inhabitants have set up home amongst the debris and scrounge a living from sifting through refuse and salvaging materials. Yet, amongst the poverty and lean-to shelters, some individuals have devised ingenious methods of creating classical instruments from the raw objects that surround the neighbourhood. The instruments, and the musicians that play them, are now part of the “Recycled Orchestra”. In a place where a “violin is worth more than a house”, it seems incredible that music has managed to prevail, and prevail in the classical form no less.      

This video is a sneak preview of an upcoming documentary entitled ‘Landfill Harmonic’. Watch, and be inspired:

By Martin Cater (@MartinCater)