Rodriguez Jr Interview

Wednesday 5th December 2012 | Laura


This French producer & DJ better known for being one half of French electro act The Youngsters, had a chat with Joe Le Groove ahead of the Mobilee Warehouse Session party on 8th December at The Sidings.


What music were you listening to when you were growing up?


My first musical experience was obviously my family's records collection: The Beatles, The Stones, Michel Polnareff, some disco shit, and loads of french pop music. I really discovered electronic sounds in 86 with Jarre's album 'Rendez-Vous'. Although it may sounds cheesy today, it's been kind of a revelation for me. I eventually began listening Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Art Of Noise, Depeche Mode…


You were one half of the award winning duo The Youngsters on Laurent Garnier’s label F Communications, at what point did you two decide to go your own separate ways?

We actually never decided to split. That's just a long well needed break. When F- Communications decided to stop its activity, it's been very difficult for us to keep on moving forward because we were totally related to this label. It was time to develop something else. Also, I needed to produce something by myself and find back my own roots and influences. But we might do something together again in the future.


How did you become part of the mobilee family?

I met Anja & Ralf a while ago while ago, when I was promoting The Youngsters' second album. We were invented on Anja's radio show 'Dance Under The Blue Moon' in Berlin. Since then, they've always been here, and when I eventually began to produce my own stuff and went solo, they helped me a lot to go in the right direction. So it was a logical process and a great chance for me to join the family.


If you had to create a new music genre what would you call it?

We already have so many new music genres and stupid names popping out everyday that I get lost with it. So I wouldn't try to call it. I will hopefully just do it.


Where do you find your inspiration when you start new tracks?

I always travel with a little notebook in which I write note a lot of ideas, music lines, lyrics, whatever. Inspiration is everywhere : a great track I hear in a club, a landscape, a book, a chat with interesting people…When I am back in the studio on monday morning, I always start from scratch and begin with a couple of chords or an atmosphere I like. Eventually, I build a structure up around it. And if some extra inspiration is required, I open my note pad again.


What’s your favourite piece of hardware to date?

I've been using my Roland Jupiter 6 for ages now. I bought it for peanuts in a second hand shop, back in 97! I could do everything with it and it appears in all of my tracks.



Looking back on your illustrious career what would be your most definitive performance?


Too many gigs, too many different countries and people. No way to remember and pick just ONE performance ! Would be unfair.


You have released one solo album so far, do you have any plans in the near future for the second?

I am currently working on the next 'Back To Back' compilation for mobilee. After the huge success of Pan-Pot's one last year, I wanted to propose something different. So I am producing one hour of original material, using sounds, samples and loops from every mobile acts. Plus a couple of nice original co-productions.


If you were banished to a desert island and had to take 3 famous people with you, who would you take and why would you take them?

Bjork, Martin Gore and Ralf Hutter from Kraftwerk. We would do some crazy jam sessions all together there. But I would also probably appreciate being alone.


Mobilee Warehouse Session happens Saturday 8th December at The Sidings: 51-53 Southwark St, London Bridge. Go to for tickets and info.

Words by Joe Le Groove