Apple confirm iPad Mini

Wednesday 24th October 2012 | Jacob


What was wrong with the present version of the iPad? Too expensive? Lack of USB ports? Useless once you’ve completed Angry Birds? Incorrect, it was just a little bit too large.

Two inches too large to be precise. With a screen measuring in at 7.9 inches and weighing only 0.3kg, the new device was announced recently at an event at Apple’s HQ in California. Many have taken this as a sign that Apple is following its competitors to develop more travel friendly tablet computers, like Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7.

They may be taking design cues from other companies (please don't sue me) but the pricing of the product is classic Apple, placing the iPad Mini firmly at the premium end of the market with even the cheapest model having a recommended retail price of £269.

The new palm friendly device seems to go against everything the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs said in 2010 stating "No tablet can compete with a smart phone. And given all tablet users will already have a smart phone in their pocket, giving up screen area to fit in a pocket is a bad trade-off."

Not that I want to sound like your dad, but it seems that soon there will be a wi-fi capable gadget built to fit into every sized pocket and orifice imaginable. iPad Rectal Cavity anyone?

By Jacob Alexander Guberg.