Club 18 - 30: Work Hard? Play Hard

Friday 19th October 2012 | Amy


Synonymous with fun in the sun, Club 18 – 30 has got summer wrapped up. And it's a package jammed with hot beaches, cool clubs and the very best in entertainment.

The UK's leading youth tour operator, Club 18 – 30 is trusted by over 75,000 young holiday-makers, with 93% likely to recommend the brand to their mates. Years of insight and experience means Club 18 – 30 knows exactly how to maximise time away from the pressures of daily life. And the secret of its success? An energetic army of reps.


'Club 18 – 30 reps don’t just assist customers,' says Avi Etim, a 28 year old enjoying his fifth year as a rep. 'We create a more enjoyable holiday by helping them to manage their budget around a package of events, so they can get involved in loads of activities and meet lots of people, even within a short holiday.'

Fellow rep, Josh Lowcock, agrees that Club 18 – 30's winning formula creates the most memorable holidays: 'People know what they're going to get; a lively pool area, events, sunshine and a good time. It’s about making friends.'

'The atmosphere and age range is also unique,' adds Hannah Eales, a third year rep. 'Instead of being surrounded by families and children, customers are free to be loud and lively – this is bound to create interesting memories!'


Aside from being the life and soul of every party, Club 18 – 30 reps are on hand to support customers, who may not have been responsible for their own travel before. From checking in to checking out, the reps are on-hand for any queries whether it’s reassurance you’re seeking or knowledge. They know what's hot and what's not. And they know how to stay safe whilst still having fun.

'We're here for our customers, whenever they need us,' continues Avi. 'We're a friendly face for them to come to, if they have any problems or simply want a chat.'


The reps reflect Club 18 – 30's brand, at work and play which brings with it an incredible sense of responsibility. Club 18 – 30 is a serious player on the travel scene, with destinations in Cyprus, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Zante, Kos, Ibiza, Mallorca, Bulgaria and Tenerife. Beyond this, the iconic brand is also embodied in music, print, social media and fashion.

Whether you are a rep or a customer, Club 18 – 30 is a 'life changing experience'; and it is certainly worthy of its enviable status as a 'rite of passage'.


Visit the website here: Club 18 - 30