The Gadget Show Live

Thursday 4th October 2012 | Philip

For the second year running the gadget show is going to the excel arena in London. The show will be covering a range of new tech, which should be hitting the shops over the next year. With just under 60 days till the event opens I thought I would look into what might be expected at the event and what tech might be covered. The stalls already announced include companies such as TomTom, Lg, Nintendo, Gibson, Tech21, Freesat, price runner and FitBit.

At the Nintendo Stall the expected main product they might be promoting is the Wii U. A Hand held version of their popular Wii console. The Wii u includes a screen on the device which the company hopes will remove the need for the television whilst playing their games.

One of the features on the Wii U is the Tvii a software which lets you to find, watch and engage with tv shows, movies and sports events in an entirely new way. You can subscribe to Tv programmes, video on demand services and even TiVo shows. Whilst at the moment this is to be available in the Us and Canada the possibilities this gives us in the Uk makes this a software to look into.

Another feature is the Miiverse, this expands on their mii avatars currently in use on the Wii and the 3Ds. In the Miiverse there will be share experiences, discuss games and discover new games with people from all over the world. Last but not least the most promising new feature of the Wii u is the near field communication ability, this allows you to interact with objects in the real world using the Wii u, this is as the Game pad has the ability to communicate with objects that are held above it.

Not to be outbid by this I expect there to be a new game system available from Xbox and/or PlayStation, this however might be a new piece of hardware in addition to their currently well selling systems. However both the Xbox360 and the Ps3 has been out for about two years now and so according to the rumours there is a planned Ps4, whether this will be unveiled at the Gadget show is to be seen.

There is also the Game stage which will provide an opportunity to see the latest games, this will undoubtedly include the latest call of duty game- Black ops 2, set in the future, and fifa 13. Assassins Creed 3, Halo 4 as well as the newly annual games from Nintendo (for example pokemon game) the Lego Games from warner bros (lego lord of the rings) and many other games coming soon

No doubt at the Lg stall there will be the opportunity to see what new televisions might be coming soon, this might be bigger Tv’s or even glasses free 3d tv like what has been seen on the 3ds. But only time will tell what Lg has in store for us.

There is also a music zone which will include promotions by Yamaha, Pioneer, Gibson who will be showing their instruments with the possibility to try out the new gear, and the Toy zone which will show the latest toys intended for the Christmas sales, this might include stocking fillers and much more.

As said the event starts on 30th November and will have appearances from the shows presenters Jason Bradberry and Pollyanna  Woodward. Tickets have gone on sale already but are still available from

By Philip Domingue