Jean-Paul Gaultier brings back the 80s

Tuesday 2nd October 2012 | David

For some, the 1980’s is not a good decade to remember in terms of fashion. In the decade that made popular big perms and even bigger shoulder pads, clothing showed that bigger was not always better. However, Jean-Paul Gaultier clearly remembers it differently, as shown by his 80’s inspired fashion show at Paris Fashion Week; a tribute to the pop and style icons of the 1980s.

From Madonna to Michael Jackson, David Bowie to Boy George, Gaultier’s quirky designs mixed the colour of Ziggy Stardust with the harsh black lines of Grace Jones to make an eclectic 2013 spring/summer collection that wowed audiences.

A particular highlight was the Madonna-inspired outfits, such as a particularly striking leather cage-dress.

Talking about his collection, Jean-Paul Gaultier it was about uplifting people in difficult times: “Just because there’s an economic crisis, doesn’t mean we all have to act all miserable, and show depressing clothes. Why should it all be about minimalism? There’s room for joy as well.”

By David Pratt