Sky Blu, Redfoo and Psy? An idea to make us L our F’ing A’s off…

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 25th September 2012 | Osh

LMFAO’s Sky Blu has stated that he would like to collaborate with Korean rapper Psy in the future.

Psy may have beaten LMFAO to getting the most liked video on the internet, but Sky Blu is not complaining. He originally jokingly told MTV that they would just have to do another song to top Psy’s effort, but abruptly had a better idea. Instead of trying to best him, Sky has stated that he would like to do a song with the ‘Gangnam Style’ artist.

Sky told interviewers “You know what? I want to make a song with him. He took it to another level. 'Party Rock Anthem' did its thing and it was time for someone else to come and take that torch, and he definitely did, and so all the respect to him.” Redfoo, the other member of the slightly insane duo, has already been seen Party Rocking with Psy, throwing their shapes and chilling out in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Plans are already forming for Sky as to what the hypothetical result would be. “Let's get into the studio and beat the rest of all the liked records. We'd have him in a Speedo, that's for damn sure.” Jesus. The only reason THAT wouldn’t go viral is if the entire internet gets destroyed before it can become a reality.



By Dave Rees