The iPhone 5 Has Arrived

Thursday 13th September 2012 | Osh


It is here. The much anticipated iPhone 5 arrived yesterday.

The new lengthier iPhone is all it was expected to be and more. Using a redesigned chassis with aluminium back plate, the phone looks slicker than the previous 4S/4 and is surprisingly lighter considering its longer frame, with rumours that it is lighter that the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The 4-inch display, it is reported, allows for appreciation of the bright and rich colours, crisp text and high-resolution images whether taken with the new 8 megapixel camera or seen through the display of apps (now with extra 5th row).

The iPhone 5 also has a new Panorama mode, accessed by tapping the Option button at the top of the camera app interface.

On the whole, Apple has upgraded their previous model without adding any mind-boggling new features. Even so, Apple has cemented their products within the world of technology and with so many customers eagerly waiting to buy the iPhone 5, it is unlikely to go untouched.

by Amy Pitman