Two Door Documentary

Indie | Tuesday 11th September 2012 | Osh


In conjunction with the release of the brand new album ‘Beacon’ that has been in the forefront of everybody’s consciousness since it’s release, the boys from Belfast who call themselves ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ have been busy with another project to allow the fans to delve even further into their favourite current band.

A four-part behind the scenes called ‘What We See’, three sections of which have already been released via youtube, is designed to show you what actually goes on when the lads are on tour. Whilst there is no timeline or logical narrative, you are engrossed by the different lifestyle they lead and live performances from the summer as well as the characters themselves, who are entirely charming and surprisingly open in their longing for the normalcy that all their friends are experiencing at home.

The cinematography is innovative and the way the documentary is structured is dynamic and erratic, reflecting the habits and way of life that the band has gotten used to of late. There are also quite a few moments that are expertly captured, where the boys’ banter about self-defense or the frustration of signing album after album becomes all too much, that are sure to evoke a cheeky grin from any viewer.

So, it is our recommendation that you watch the videos below and stay tuned to the Two Door Cinema Club Twitter page for the final installment because it makes for an excellent companion to the incredible new album.

By Emily Kay