Screw Bondi Go To Noosa

Other | Friday 24th August 2012 | Osh



Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi...ok enough of that bullshit, believe it or not but Australian, normal non -red neck, stubby wearing Australians never say that, EVER! What we do do though is go to the beach. Duh, isn’t that what comes to mind for everyone when they think of Australia? Yes, but unfortunately I often hear mention of places like Surfers Paradise Bondi or Coogee. Now let me educate you a little. If you are going to Australia and you want to experience the beach, there is only one place to go that encapsulates all that is good about beach culture.

Noosa is located about two hours north of Brisbane, Queensland and it is the greatest place on earth. Here you will find a bustling beach side with designer boutiques, restaurants, hostels and hotels. There is something along Hastings Street (the main street) for everyone, whether it be a Parisian style cafe, vintage jewellery, more swim wear shops than you can poke a stick at or oodles or gloriously cold gelato. And for the more refined tastes there are a number of beautiful seafood restaurants that rest on the beach dunes, talk about dinner and show!

However this isn’t the best part. Noosa boast a spectacular national park that can be accessed off the end of Hastings street. A short drive or a stroll on the boardwalk that curves along the ocean and you will find yourself entering paradise itself. Here you will find picnicking families, surfers and naturalists in a glorious union of sun surf and sunscreen.

There has always been a very delicate struggle between development and the natural in Noosa. This becomes frustratingly obvious if you try driving to the national park during the height of summer. Nowhere in sight will you find a parking space and it often gets heated with people shadowing potential spaces as the rest of us do lap after lap praying to God that one will become available just at the right time. The development of the main street and the surrounding area can give the place an overdone feel but this is perfectly complimented by the national park and the inclusion of green spaces. Unfortunately a certain type of elitism has come to Hasting Street that really doesn’t suit it. This place is home to surfers, swimmer and next door to the amazing Eumundi Markets. So if you are staying for the weekend a morning at the markets buying beautiful things and eating delectable food and then an afternoon sunning yourself on the beach will make a weekend you will never want to leave.

By Saabeah Aforo-Addo