The Ultimate Mixers!

Wednesday 22nd August 2012 | Osh


At the heart of any set-up we have the magic maker. It creates the perfect sounds for your ears by mixing, changing dynamics, routing and is capable of many other functions. I am of course talking about mixers. And to help you deal with all your ‘mixing’ queries I have brought to you, the best of the best mixers.

So first up we have the Rane Sixty Eight. This mixer is perfect for all you software junkies. Retailing at £2199, it is capable of connecting with two laptops simultaneously; this mixer can be used by two DJ’s at once. This is the ultimate mixer for Serato users, with two USB connections making the changeovers flawless and pro phone pre-amps creating exceptional sound.

Next up we have a classic old-school mixer, Matamp Supernova. It may set you back £1200+ but with crossfaders and sliders, it’s worth every penny. Designed by Matt Matthias at the request of mash-up innovator Froggy, who wanted a mixer as good as the one sported by Larry Levan, there is no supernova like this one.

Now we have a mixer with a difference. The original Bozak is built to the best quality and is based completely around discrete transistors. With no integrated circuit chip, the only downside is that users have to learn to use the rotary dials but once they do the possibilities are endless!

Here’s something  for the DJ who want to be in control. With the Allen & Heath Zone: DB4, you can sync up software’s such as Traktor and Ableton live and be in charge without the help of a PC. This mixer may set you back £2500 but with its studio quality effects this is the must-have mixer for all DJ’s.

For all the scratch DJ’s the Pioneer DJM-909 is the ultimate mixer to have. With a touch sensitive screen providing you with 50 BPM-synced effects and a foot pedal to control these effects with, this mixer just gets better and better. The cross fader uses fader curve control technology allowing you to adjust it to your exact requirement. And to top it all of this is the mixer used by DJ Jazzy Jeff himself, with a price-tag of £1500, this mixer is worth every penny.

Now that you know which mixer is right for you, get mixing and create some magic!


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By Ramya Nair