Tulisa's Blonde Awakening

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 18th July 2012 | Osh

Tulisa recently confused a court appearance with Saturday night on the X Factor, stepping out and ‘surprising’ us with a new hair colour, a la Cheryl Cole 2010. This reveal correlated with her statement about ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards crossing the wrong woman and I, rather controversially, have to agree. Bleaching the shit out of your hair definitely means you are allowed to profess yourself as a strong woman: bleaching is painful.

However this blonde reveal means so much more than just a long arse trip to the hair dressers, I’m crossing fingers, toes, and everything else that this marks the end of Tulisa’s style crisis. Though Tulisa was never a ‘fashionista’ before the X Factor, her stint on it seems to have massively confused her and forced her to settle with the style title ‘boring’ while fashion magazines still appraise her.

Being given the top job on the X Factor comes hand in hand with town criers announcing you as a style icon: a surprise to both Tulisa and fashion fans alike. This title was also wrongly given to Kelly Rowland, who unlike Tulisa, unfortunately believed it, and decided she should have a large input on the outfits of her poor mentees. If you ever want proof that last year’s X Factor judges had no style prowess, merely turn to Misha B’s wardrobe.

So Tulisa, after having to attempt to fit in with the pages of Grazia during her season on the X Factor, and sometimes succeeding, was then left abandoned in January. Trying to find the line between her hip-hop image and pre-watershed Saturday night television job, she has mainly been papped in short girly outfits, that wouldn’t be out of place on a night out in Oceana.

So this is where I’m praying this blonde reveal is a nod to her NDubz roots and the mark of Tulisa finding her real style again. Hopefully she can find a look, like Rihanna before her, where hip hop meets couture. I don’t even care if she reverts back to tracksuits and hoops because at least then fashion editors will definitely decide to stop hailing her as a style queen. But right now, I don’t need to buy a magazine to be told how to look like someone who marks the Lipsy sale on their calendar.

Mallory McDonald