Get a phone under your skin!

Other | Tuesday 10th July 2012 | Osh



The mobile phone of the future is un-losable, or un-forgettable, or un-breakable. A phone that nobody can steal from anybody. Scientists are working on a phone that would be encrusted under the skin!

That’s sound like a scary and gore remake of Gattaca movie. Except that it is not a movie. This may be soon a real trend. Autodesk, a Toronto-based software company, studies implanting interactive components underneath the skin and by that, enabling people to directly interact with their implants.

So does it mean that I could send tweets directly from my brain? We could brain-tweet!

This phone of the future is a great development to pursue to enhance capacity of people said disabled. Also the idea of not having to stick the phone under the pillow before going to bed is appealing. But yet ethically, I have my doubts.

First of all that skin phone implies surgery. Scientists can compare it to a pacemaker or laser-eye surgery. But to have surgery for medical reasons is different than having surgery for a phone. You don’t need a phone under your skin as much as you need a good heart or good eyes!

Second of all, what if I get hack! Somebody would get into my nervous system and my brain and send signals I don’t want to send. To hack my brain is not the problem. Actually it would be kind of fun for the hackers. My brain is LSD and Kafka together. But the whole under-the-skin-phone concept will have to face the cybernetics which deals with privacy and ethical issues on the cyberspace.

Then, most important what about all the futile stuff we love about our phone? The addictive angry birds games, the Beyonce ringtone, the lavender colour , the rectangular shape, and the wallpaper of the phone. I want to be able to choose the (hip-hop) theme of my phone wallpaper.


Wendy Ntsame @Wendeedit