Marvellous Monokini

Thursday 28th June 2012 | Osh


The sun’s starting to slowly show its face and your mates are bugging you to get down to the beach in a week or to the poolside… but you keep hesitating.


There’s nothing wrong with a bikini virgin, just remember the best way to look good is to feel good. Don’t look at the people around you, whether they’re old grannies or young girls; looking at how someone looks or doesn’t look good in their body does you no favours. Although there’s always another choice for those newbies out there!


Rather than a two-piece why not invest in a one piece… the catch is they are the sexiest one pieces around. Stores like New Look and River Island have the select few jewelled and cut one-piece. With shapes cut out at the hips with designs, gems and beading to give you a different silhouette, these designs will make people admire your Baywatch run. Less is sometimes more and in this case it is a sure thing. The various designs of a Monokini are vast and you can choose the ones that flatter your best assets.


This type of swimwear gets thumbs up for those mothers who have scarring on their stomachs; hide the scars and keep the rest of your healing body. No one would know that you’ve given birth!


If you already have a lot of two-pieces at the back of the closet and don’t want to spend any more money sort out that body! Hit the gym for two weeks and you’ll feel much better about yourself or go for long walks and get back into a healthy lifestyle.


At the end of the day… if you feel good in yourself you’ll learn how to own it! Just hurry up because the sun’s around the corner!


Arti Rajput