Jamais Vu Party Review

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 19th June 2012 | Osh

I moved to London only two weeks ago, and I don’t know anybody in this town so the options I had were simple but harsh: either couchsurfing or sleeping under a bridge.
I was also faced with the grim perspective of spending my 23rd birthday by myself, that is until The Guestlist Network made me part of the family and invited me to the Jamais Vu party at the Horse and Groom in Shoreditch last Sunday, after interning for them months ago.
Coincidentally, the publisher’s/ editor’s/ head honcho’s birthday is only a day before mine, which meant that in spite of being totally penniless I drank beer and champagne all night courtesy of TGN, listening to the sweet jungle d’n’b of Fabio, backed by two live MCs who were cracking it old school. You don’t often get that kind of entertainment even if you’re loaded, so for a guy who just nicked a bottle of Heineken from Tesco’s to get a fix on before going out, it turned out to be surreal.
The musical vibe consisted of jungle with touches of liquid funk, for the genre’s connoisseurs. The friendly, intimate atmosphere in the small pub with everybody dancing to the bangin tunes, properly enjoying themselves was the best birthday gift I got in years. Never underestimate the impact of the highly improbable, says a book I’m currently reading. Well, if that didn’t really sound true till I joined the Jamais Vu party almost by accident, when I left at 3 o’clock in the morning the same maxim had rock solid certainty to it.
That’s ultimately what the guestlist network is all about - family, good times and having each other’s back, even if sometimes “each other’s” means literally adopting a bearded Romanian hillbilly boy who wants to make it in London, but is clueless as to how to go about it, and poor as fuck to boot. Selah.
I forgot to mention that entry was free for anyone who got themselves on the guestlist by visiting . All self respecting bassheads ought to take the two minutes to sign themselves up to get in for free in a party that eclipses lots of big clubs as far as atmosphere goes. 

Harry Cathead