Eight Beauty Disasters

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Disclaimer: If you want to stay single or man-less then we suggest you don’t put the following into practice:

Suffocating Fumes

Fragrance dispelled from perfumes is associated with beauty and seduction; it should remain a secret that can only be found in the sexiest places. Spray only once on your neck and remember, a special hint behind your delicate ears can be over powering and remain subtle.

Stubble Should ONLY Be On A Man

Imagine what the man will think when he realises you don’t have one untameable mane of hair but several. Tweezers and wax is a must for the stray hairs that are brittle to the touch. The most courageous should dare the depilatory cream or an epilator.

Sun Kissed or Sun Slapped?

We would all love to look like the sun’s very own golden goddess. To achieve this, step away from the offending articles and turn your back on your over-indulged tanning obsession. Light bronzer can achieve what self-tanning can’t: natural beauty.

Caked and Pasted

Does your face feel as heavy as the icing on an expensive wedding cake? Foundation is used to give our faces the image of a clear blank canvas which we can utilise to hide our flaws and highlight our favourite features. However, too much of liquid, cream, stick or matte can leave you with a coverage that’s close to a badly moulded mask.

Elegant or a Dirty Devil…

Eye-liner, false eyelashes, lipstick, and blushers each have their individual acclaim. Playing with your eyes with a smudged black/grey/brown is a known way to create those seductress eyes. Teamed with all the above and extra lashings of mascara can give you more of a drag queen look, far from plastic and further from elegance.

Soft Surrender Not Crusty Curves

If you rather the glass of wine than a bottle of water, think twice. The softer your skin the more your man will want you and the more he wants you the more he’ll touch you. It’s a vicious cycle in which you need to keep body maintenance at its highest. Skin gets dry and cracks, best way to beat this is to moisturise, use Palmer’s Cocoa butter to get the delicious smell too.

Lasting Luscious Lips

If you want glossy kissable lips then turn your back on lip gloss. Imagine being approached by your perfect guy and while you’re delivering that ‘catch-him’ conversation your hair starts getting stuck to your lips. He’s distracted, and not by your perfection. You can always achieve the glossy effect with Carmex or the soothing lip balms from Body Shop. This way, he’s getting some lip pampering too.

The Sun Should Stay in the Sky

There’s nothing worse than yellow tinged tacky teeth. Once he glimpses them forget a kiss you won’t even get a second glance. Try a dash of baking soda on your toothbrush for a bright smile or save up for a whitening session.

Once you follow our grooming tips, you’ll become as irresistible as the beautiful Aphrodite.


Arti Rajput