DJ Set vs Live Set

Other | Monday 23rd August 2010 | Osh



In the electronic scene, particularly the techno movement, what we are witnessing is a genuine shift in axis from the DJ set to the live set. What may be understood as a "fad" is featuring more and more at the most important festivals and parties all over the world! The increasingly idolised figure of the DJ has legions of fans who choose a particular event to go to, paying particular attention to the line up. Everyone wants to see what is happening on the "other side", and they all love looking at the DJ work. A live DJ set means the concert becomes a performance, and the DJ is star of the show!

And here it is! The live set increases the instrumentation available to the DJ: laptop, synth, keyboards, effect machines, touch screen, buttons and various services are all designed to make the show more engaging - not only sonically but also visually . The live set also includes video projections and installations.

Among the spokesmen for this new wave of artists, time and time again performers find one who is considered the most influential artist of contemporary club culture: Richie Hawtin - who, under the pseudonym Plastikman, puts on manic live sets (we all have high expectations for the winter session of the famous Time Warp, which this year will not be held as usual in Frankfurt but in Amsterdam!) Equally important are the live sets of the famous Brazilian composer, musician and architect, Gui Boratto! He used to work with Ableton Live, with prerecorded loops and synth lines on top of his original tracks and edits. It is the use of laptops, software and samples that is transforming the figure of the DJ. Technology offers a new version, which develops and detaches from the old school vinyl.

And, as always happens with new things, there are conflicting opinions...
For lovers of real “bombs” that drive you crazy just by hearing the low, full, deep, repeated, constant bass, live performance becomes limiting and less joyful, but it is that kind of atmosphere that can give a powerful DJ set. The visually engaging live set requires a more minimal techno, psychedelic, what I call "trip music."

So on reflection, it’s also normal that the phenomenon of the live set is increasingly in demand; it is ultimately a reflection of the contemporary world that makes the computer the first and most important business tool at the moment.