Colours of Chaos and Charisma

Wednesday 30th May 2012 | Osh

Brighton Fashion Week was a hit with some of the best designers showcasing their work. There was the true expression of inspiration from both Aneta Mackonyte and Jenna Shahira El – Komboz.

Both women used cultural inspirations in which colour and prints were vital in the creative process. Aneta’s line ‘Rainbowarrior’ indulges in modern urbanity and explores ancient wisdom and the natural world with rainbow colours. Jenna aimed to empower women by taking her inspiration from Egyptian women and creating clothes that have a hidden secretive quality. She used cut fabrics over print as if hiding the rest of the design with the application of darker shades.

Among other designers that showcased were Joe Goode and his collection inspired by African body art as well as Lucky Dame who worked miracles with latex rubber and asserted their saying of ‘Innocence Is Sexy’!


Arti Rajput