Heaven Sent (For Shopaholics!)

Tuesday 29th May 2012 | Osh

London became shopaholics central the day Westfield became a household name. Forget Oxford Circus and the high street, it’s all about Shepherds Bush and Stratford City!

The real question is what is everyone’s preference? Because between you and I they are worlds apart (when considering your bank balance) and this is clear from The Village in Shepherds Bush and the two storeys Primark in Stratford city. Elegance and catering to the upscale, London Westfield is the gem amongst the bleak streets of Shepherds Bush. There isn’t a McDonalds or a Primark, a purposeful marketing technique in order to be as inviting to the champagne-drinking shoppers as possible.

However, Stratford City’s not having any of that! It’s an enormous easily accessible melting pot of the favourite upmarket and high street brands. Enter the world of no segregation (in terms of fashion retail of course!). Finally, there is a bargain-filled Primark to fulfil the needs of those bargain hungry individuals. It’s a step further in the food court business too, with a Las Iguanas and a T.G.I Fridays. There’s just one problem for the Shepherds Bush site… Stratford City has a McDonalds! Now that doesn’t go in line with the upscale marketing at all, but you never know when you’ll fancy a quick McChicken Sandwich!

There is one small event to consider for the summer, which you may be familiar with. It’s the 2012 Olympic Games. The deciding factors: To trek or not to trek? To be pushed and shoved or to casually stroll?  The Olympics are based in Stratford after all so think twice before jumping on the Central Line. Remember both Westfield’s can be accessed directly from this line.

Personally, I love having access to The Village at Shepherd’s Bush Westfield, everything that can and will put a hole in my bank card is in one place so I’m in my own version of heaven and hell and the taste is quite bitter sweet. Shepherd’s Bush will always win for me, especially as it feeds my heart’s and mouth’s desires with its nicely planned out food court. Not to mention the great range of shops.

If you haven’t checked out either of these locations, then you’re missing out on some seriously good pretzels and shopping bargains!


Arti Rajput