Vienna: blending the old with the new

Friday 4th May 2012 | Osh


If you want experience something new than maybe Vienna is the place to go this year. The beautiful majestic decorated buildings are a sight to see. Vienna holds on to imperial nostalgia surprisingly well. And the large paintings of the previous emperors and empresses are still hanging on the wall and the picture postcards with them on it are still selling like hot cakes.


That with the new skyline that they are building makes Vienna the perfect mix between old and new. The emerging skyscrapers makes it a hotspot for architects. Vienna is also easy to visit because of its pedestrian-friendly city centre.  You can visit everything in just a walk away.


And now the fun part! Vienna has something for everyone. For the people who like to party till the morning to the ones who enjoy a quiet evening going to the theatre.

Vienna is certainly worth the trip!