5 Reasons to visit Berlin

Other | Monday 13th February 2012 | Osh

Berlin is one of the top European cities. If you haven't been, where have you been?!

#1 Clubs, Parties, Bars

From Tacheles, which used to house a real fighter jet, to Watergate with its impressive LED ceiling running the length of the club, this city has it all when it comes to planning your party.


#2 Culture

Incredible sculpture and installations, the Berlin Wall with one section covered in graffiti (East Side Gallery), Check Point Charlie and other reminders of Soviet control, this city effortlessly maintains its artistic credentials and, even after massive reconstruction in the last 20 years, has still kept its cultural heritage.


#3  Price

One of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe, you can find a return flight for around £50! But that´s not it. Check out Kreuzberg for some amazing, delicious and of course amazingly cheap restaurants. Vietnamese, Chninese or Indonesian- you find it all. And seriously what other Capital in Western Europe can provide a filling, authentic meal for only £5!


#4 Music

If house and techno are your thing, then this definitely is the place to be, with many DJs and musicians living within the city’s boundaries, the atmosphere is constantly bumping.


#5 Weather

We know it’s freezing right now, but in the summer the weather is beautiful!


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