Sex School in Vienna, Austria

Other | Tuesday 20th December 2011 | Annalisa

Directed by an ex-erotic TV host, the institution teach classes about ‘the art to give and receive pleasure’.

Named AISOS (Austrian International School of Sex), the school promise to be an “international school of sex”, with five different courses and 200 hours of instruction, an institution where students won’t balk at doing their homework, we bet. Alternating theory (history of sex, modern sexuality) and practice, the pedagogical programme proposes, “to put one’s thinking cap on and work your muscles”. With members from the tender age of 16 years old, the goal is to become a better lover.

For 1400 euros (about £1190) for a semester, students are fed and housed, and also get a supply of condoms. Dorms are also mixed sex to encourage practice (anatomy classes, sexual positions...). The curriculum is sanctioned with a diploma and - good news - it is cheaper than university fees in the UK! Vienna, here we come!

AISOS has already made a lot of noise in Austria where the TV commercial has been banned... Who’s feeling a rebellious streak?