Julian Marley Interview

Reggae | Wednesday 14th December 2011 | Annalisa


We know you will all be hittin up the One Love festival this month, and as a taster to get you in the mood of what it represents, we have an interview with the headliner of the festival itself and of course the son of a legend.... What a moment!
Hey Julian, how are you!!!
Not too bad, yourself?
Im all good! So…What have you been doing with yourself over in France?
I’ve been touring for about about 2 weeks now….
Touring! Is it all good? What are the crowds like over there?
The crowd is nice over here ya know! A lot of English blood…
So you’re headlining the One Love festival! You must be so excited about that! And that roots back to your family…You must be very excited to headline it…
Yeah yeah yeah you know I’m excited to perform, especially when its something to do with love.
I know what you mean, it’s a pure subject that brings nothing but joy, so who wouldn’t enjoy it! So, do you prefer a more intimate stage, or are you all about the massive crowds?
It doesn’t really matter, its all about the mind and the vibe.
Definetly  feeling that! So what do you have lined up for us, any sneaky cheeky secrets you can tell us?
Im not obliged to tell you anything too sneaky!
I hear you were born in the U.K. is that true?
Ye man I was born in harrow!! Yeahh man!!!
So who do you like in the U.K at he moment?
Well there’s a lot of  brilliant artists. I cant really name just one, we’re all a part of the U.K. and there’s a lot of great artists.
Well we’re very excited to have you here! So listen, if you could give one artist a serious talking to and telling off, who would it be? Or maybe just a piece of your mind, be it negative or positive…                                                                
Well, I don’t know! There’s so many, too many.
So Julian since your 2009 release of awake, have you been working on anything new at all?
Well we’ve been going to the studio a lot and were working on a real good track, me and shaggy
Yes shaggy!!! Ace!
Ye man! Bringing back some old original vibes
Ye man i’ve been touring a lot recently
You been with any other artists or just yourself?
No, just me at the moment,
I see! Flying solo ay!...So Julian are there any songs by yourself or your family that you hold close to your heart?
Honestly there’s not one song, even with my fathers songs, I cannot listen to one and another then decide upon my favorite, and even if I’m writing a song I cant hold any of them closer to my heart then another, I like to think every time I write a song I put my heart and soul into it. You know everything you try, you must try your best. But there are many great songs.
I see I see, well if you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Oh you got me (laughs)
Take your time!
Well there’s a lot of artists, but one that comes to mind is Stevie Wonder.
Anyone current? Maybe a bit of Lady Gaga?
(Laughs a lot) gosh depends what we’re talking about, but hey, maybe. But we have to remember to party in a good way.
So Julian what does your average weekend consist of?
Just kickin back, relaxing, making some music, eating good food.
And what good food do you eat?
Mainly fish, I love my fish!
A bit of a cheeky question... but it has to be asked! What’s your  favourite marijuana?
The good pure stuff from the earth.
Ahh, so no cross breeds, a bit of cheese maybe?
Nah man the earth product is the purest. With some nice apples for when you get hungry.
So Julian do you have a lady in your life, I mean what do I tell all the ladies waiting to see you at One Love?  Shall I tell them your available?
Don’t tell them anything!
O no? Isit a secret hmm?
Just playin (he laughs), but nah just come for the music you know?
Of course of course, well Julian i’m really looking forward to seeing you at One Love, and maybe when your there The Guestlist team can catch up with you?
Ye man!
Thanks for your time Julian, Peace!
Thankyou! Bless.