Busy Signal Interview

Reggae | Wednesday 14th December 2011 | Annalisa

VP Records is excited to announce the release of the new album D.O.B. from Busy Signal. He is not an artist to follow the beaten path. This album displays his innovation and lyrical skills that has broken down barriers and has taken Dancehall to places no other artist could.

The new album D.O.B. represents the rebirth of Busy Signal. It contains 15 new tracks plus an iTunes exclusive track. To call this album Groundbreaking would be an understatement. The opening track How U Bad Suh” is signature Busy Signal. His distinct and robust baritone voice accompanied by an up-tempo rhythm sets the right mood for the album. Busy Signal is not afraid to venture into music territories that others would not dare.

This is an interview with Mr “Hottt ed” himself BUSY SIGNAL

Did you like your intro Busy?…

“Yeh man mi feel like I just won the Grammy’s”

So Busy you’ve been away for 2 years it’s your 2nd album with VP Records please to us what’s been happening?

“Well you nor the Album deal,1st  with VP was  the Loaded album  and now D.O.B, I haven’t been away as such 2 years is a good break well not really break but distance to give your album because it keeps the fans ready to hear the artist grow.”

“I have been in the studio like every day.. I will be up from like 5am just studio studio and touring”.

“Busy is not just an artist but I am a father so I have also spent time with my children and family they are very important to me.”

How has the situation in Jamaica with Dudus affected you or even lyrically did this inspirer a track off your knew album “Peace Reign”?

GLOBAL NOT JUST  “ I actually made the track “Peace Reign” a month and half  before the whole situation before Dudus and the war broke out in Jamaica happened.”

“You nor the song is reality people can relate to it on a global level coz you nor there is war every where not just in Jamaica it just happens to be at a time where Jamaica is going through troubles.”

“The song is to up lift people you nor people need to know that we are still loving sweet… so many innocent people are dying you know government created this mess they can’t get who they want, it’s not positive every one is being effected even the up town people the whole island of Jamaica’s not the Jamaican people who corrupted the island it’s the government politics is negative.

I mean Jamaica just the edere day was winning awards for sports and music it was one of the top tourist attractions I the Caribbean but I have hope and faith you just in time.”

 Your knew album is called D.O.B who came up with the name and what was the concept behind it?

“DOB usually stands for Date Of Birth but my D.O.B is the different it stands for DIFFERENCE OF BUSY SIGNAL”

“When it comes to the concept it’s been 2 years and within the 2 years I feel a difference in myself Busy Signal so you nor I only felt right if I called it something that reflects my growth to myself and the fans.

What is your process of making an album, beats first then lyrics, concepts then beats?????????

“ hmm ummm… well Sometimes it just the concept or I may even have the beat it goes hand in hand you nor..I like to DJ as the band or producers are making the beats themost it has this live free feeling,”but sometime I could be driving I could get a beat or I could be eating and I start tapping and I will just have to quick scribble something down even on a tissue or in my blackberry on the memo pad.”

If you had to pick A track for the ladies and a track for the guys off the knew album D.O.B what will it be and why?

“ Pick a track well I don’t want to pick any I want the fans to pick my fans choose nar man mi can”t pick you’re a lady what would you pick? Mee umm will I would have to pick “Hair Dresser Shop”

You know what it’s funny you said that coz Stephen Mcgregor Produced that track and he leaked it and I have been getting crazy response from all over the world the ladies in New York and Japan love that song and it seems like Europe is catching on.”

You seem to be expressing your versatility on this album with a verairty of riddim such as Operea was that intentional?

“I was lactually listening to Pavarotti and Mozart and I was likeyou know what I want to do something like this on my album.”

“Some olders in Reggae dancehall genre of music have put classical to the Jamaican beat like Buccaneer would use classical in the melody.”

“So I thought why not use my own melody but use the classical sounds and with the help of DJ Kariam and he’s keyboard.”

What producers did you work with on this album ?

Stephen Mcgregor from Big Ship, Shaun Brown, Kirk Bennette and not for getting myself.”

Wow so all the up and coming producers or hot producers in Jamaica right now you worked with is there any reason why?

“I mean I am in my twenties myself I am young and right now there is so much good young talent coming from artist and producer so it’s only right we work together but I still would love to work with some of the greats like Dave Kelly.”

The world is loving your ‘Picante’ and ‘Night Shift’ who’s idea was it to make the song and who produced them?

“The story behind Picante is kinda mad right a lady from Spain came over to Jamaica to record some songs and I was with Peteh Morgan from Morgan Heritage and we heard the songs and one of them had Pica Picante in it….now your nor as a man you just love when a lady speaks in another language and because I love the language I asked Peteh Morgan if he knew what the lady was saying and neither of us knew so Peteh made a couple calls and he finally got hold of he’s friend who spoke Spainish and they translated it  and it turned out that Pica Picante means hot like pepper so that same night I found out what it was and I was clear with what it meant I voiced the track withn 2 weeks it was finished.”

Sweet love(Night Shift) is also a big hit who produced this track?

“Not every day you can give them the ladies Pon Da Edge Pon Da Edge you have to flip it  and give them the slow lovers tune you I’ve  performed Night Shift

at weddings and the response I get from men and women is emotional.”

“It was produced by Shane Brown from Juke Box Productions and me Myslef and I BUUSSYYYY HOTTTEDD.”

Has Busy got any Videos to come from the new album D.O.B?

“YERP FOR SURE I jus finished shooting a video for Let Peace Rain video, the concept was very simple no name brand clothes just simple this video is much more about the lyrical content to get the message across.”

“The video is going to be released in June so mi can’t wait fe da fans dem to see it.”

Do you have any future collabos in the pipeline??

“On the knew album D.O.B I have a track with Bounty killer ….and there is another track with me bounty killer and Movado still in the planning.”

‘Me and Teenager D Major just recorded a track call “Party like it’s Your Birthday” which should be releasing in the month of June2010.

“like right now I just wonna make good fun music and bring a smile on people’s faces “

“I have a song called “Mama Don’t Cry” and Mad Cobra but he got shot in the whole madness in Jamaica and I had a song with Oneil from voicemail RIP 2days before he was killed mad cobra was listening to the track just want to  get up every day Sunday to Sunday can’t give up  go music hard  I try  to balance

You and Bounty Killa collab on a very political song entitled “Summn A Guh Gwaan” discussing the issues of life in JA, did you both decide to purposely make a track addressing the problems or was this a natural process.

“I wrote the song but wasn’t sure how to make it come across to the fans and I thought it could do with some one else on the track I mean no man is an island I look up to Bounty I don’t follow him just look up to and he voiced it and it had the right sound that was missing but I also had Junior Gong in mind too.”

Explain to the world what you mean when you say “hottt ed!!!”

“Hotttttedd Hotteddd  BOIII HOOOTTTEDDD in my own words I would define differently to whats your some ppl may take it wrong by thinking go and make trouble noo I defind my music my kids hotted stay focussed stay focussed  keep it business my life protect the blessing not easy walk over just try and do it and keeo it real keep it serious  it is not a joke try and represent  not just ghetto

Judgeing by your name, you’re a man whos intouch with technology, what phone do you currently use?

“Blackberry all day every day business does every thing I need you nor BUSY HOTTTEDDDkeeps you busy keeps you handling your business like a c omputer

How did you and Major lazor link?? For youur collab “Pon me”

“Me and Major Lazor because we heard that Major Lazor were looking for me but I don’t go to every and any studio and they contacted Cristy Barber from VP/Greensleeves and she hooked it up I mean these guys are supppperr supper talented.”

“I have 3 more songs due to come out with Major Lazor I got one with them on a ska riddim  it’s sounds crazyyy.”

What does the future hold for busy signal I heard you have your own clothing line out

“ Boi youv’e been doing your research gwannn yeh man mi have my own clothing line called ‘Turf Gear’.

“Tony line Turf Gear for the yout  dem you nor like every where I tour the fans will be like have you got any Busy t-shirts any Merchandise the fans was even asking if they had to pay for my autograph on photos and posters.”

“The fans keep saying they wanted stuff with my name on it so I started getting into clothing and designing t-shirts.”

“I got music planned I don’t have a degree I just do music music music I haven’t come to my peak keep doing music every day I have been up 5:15am I just do music that’s all I know ar mi heart and soul.”

Whats happening with Busy and touring where you been where you going?

“Tour wise – confirming a lot in Europe, Africa in September and New Zeland.”

I’ve just finished touring in the Caribbean Trindad  & Tobago, Barbaos, st.kitts So know St.Lucia?  I love st.lucia  man I mean when I was in St.Lucia they had soliders for me every where I went.”

“I love touring I get the love from the fans since I was little I wanted to be a artist I love seeing how the fans, I love seeing them embrace my music.”

Current what artist are you listening to?

 “Distant relative Junior gn Marley and Nas umm Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj just listening to them get ideas ….. and some of the top hip hop artist Jay z and Lil Wayne.”

Do you have a message for your fans

“Stay focused go get the album D.O.B OUT 12TH JULY it’s the Difference Of Busy Signal see the difference feel the difference and I will be city near you give thanks to all the fans from over the years big up the fans world wide we have been on a journey and I hope it continues BUSY HOOOTEEDD MI OUT.”

Busy Signal knew album out 12th July titled D.O.B  be sure to get a copy and make sure it’s LEGAL and as BUSY MR HOTTED SAID he will be coming to a town near you go out cop the knew album and listen to he’s lyrical and production growth.