Partying in Norway!

Other | Tuesday 20th September 2011 | Annalisa

Want an out of the ordinary party weekend mixed with quickie sightseeing in Norway? Then Bergen is a good suggestion – it is the second biggest city after the capital Oslo.

Bergen offers a combination of the fast paced nightlife you would expect from a big city with surroundings of mountains and forests. Polar bears will not accompany you in the streets – that might only happen in the far North of the country – however you will be accompanied by seven mountains around Bergen central. With the top hotels situated near to clubs, pubs and restaurants, staying in central is both convenient and a great opportunity to wake up for a quick trip up Mount Floyen by the Funicular where you can glance at the city from 1050 ft above sea level.

As for clubbing, it may be recommended that you bring your rubber along – that is, rubber boots. Some may say that one of Bergen’s most charming qualities is that it is raining/cloudy about 300 days per year. Fear not, the nightlife is still buzzing, so are the locals and the music. The recommended places for clubbing are Metro Bar and Lounge, Garage (the best place with rock music) and Calibar which is a slight small but saucy club. There are of course plenty of other nightclubs and bars, such as Engelen Night Club placed in historical buildings near the marina and Exodus/Ditlef – a strong success amongst newly-turned-18-year olds. If you are in the mood for girls or guys only night out and you are feeling a bit more adventurous than usual, the gay bar Fincken is also pretty entertaining with a vibrant atmosphere to it.

Getting to Bergen is easy as booking a cheap Ryan Air flight to Spain. The thing is that Ryan Air’s destinations in Norway do not cover landing in Bergen so you might want to consider Norwegian Airlines or SAS Airlines in the planning process. The SAS Radisson Blu Hotel in the middle of Bergen is also recommended but there are plenty hotels in walking distance to the tourist attractions and nightlife. It may be expensive, so plan ahead, book early to get the best flight and hotel deals and prepare your mind for days of clubbing, dining and don’t forget your umbrella.