"Frost Yourselves"

Other | Monday 12th January 2015 | Izaradz

The fashion world is forever making predictions on the must-have colour for the upcoming season. Sometimes this requires countless episodes of trial and error, and many fail to last past one season’s catwalk (neon…). Black, however, has always been the fail-safe staple that satisfies all our needs, ages, practicalities, styles and codes. Nevertheless, according to a recent article in the Financial Times, we are slowly moving into the light – literally. White, a long established sister staple to black, is emerging to be the non-colour of the decade.

For any working man or woman, a crisp, white, tailored shirt is a wardrobe essential. Pair that with anything from ripped jeans to tailored cigarette chinos and your outfit is instantly lifted. Aside from it being a staple however, we are also seeing it a lot more in the realms of accessories and statement pieces. We no longer frown upon white jackets and trousers being worn in the winter months (although it is still a risky move in the sloppy seasons). Even with night-time compositions, Paula Reed, creative director at, told the FT “The contrast, against even the palest of skin, always manages to conjure a glimmer of a glow”.



This year’s Golden Globe red carpet display provides us with further inspiration of glamorous gowns, without falling into the bridal category. Emily Blunt wore a toga-like, bohemian style from Michael Kors, whereas Reese Witherspoon blew the crowd away with a simple, strapless, shimmering silver dress from Calvin Klein. The top spot however, must be awarded to Kate Hudson and her stunning, sleek, mermaid-like silhouette of Versace.

Winter is coming into its second phase as we are eagerly hoping for gradually warmer temperatures. What better way to aesthetically lift us out of the grey than with a little, “frosting”, as Ben Berry (Matthew McConaughey) once famously said in the classic rom-com How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003). Personally, I’m not quite ready to ditch my beloved black essentials and the lbd just yet. Nevertheless, we may not have seen any white stuff on the ground this winter, but the fashion forecast is certainly predicting a lot of it on our mannequins in the coming seasons.