Mury: Dalston As The Fashion Trigger

Other | Monday 15th December 2014 | Kira


London life can feel a bit overwhelming, especially during the Christmas season. Running around, catching the tails of deadlines and completing the endless present shopping leaves little time for creative reflections. But Anja Mury, the founder of the London-based handbag and scarves brand Mury, managed to turn this hectic city jungle into her own moodboard.



Anja takes her inspiration from the streets of East London, where her studio is located. Graphic patterns within Mury prints integrate street markings: stripes, triangles and lines are worked into different thematic and geometric designs, juxtaposing the dynamic energy of the city. “There is hardly any other place in the world that gives you more inspiration than London. London is cosmopolitan, with its unique street style, art scene and people. I feel home here”, says Anja.


Anja Mury with her modern designs


The feeling of home is important for Anja, who moved to London from Germany when she was offered a job for Vivien Westwood. “After ten years in the industry, and with the latest innovations in digital textile printing that allowed me to combine my love of fashion and screen printing, I decided the time was right to use that experience and create my own label”, says Anja. Working for such talents like Westwood definitely influenced Anja's style and, according to the designer herself, “taught her the attention to details and generally influenced her future”.



In the same way as Westwood, Anja sees the future in sustainability. “I am vegetarian and wouldn’t offer anything made out of leather”, says the designer. The canvas of her bags is specially developed in Italy. It is first coated with PVC before being printed, then a textured finish is applied to create a beautiful three-dimensional look. This technique makes Mury handbags hard-wearing and easy to clean, with the same functionally as leather, but without using any leather. Moreover, Mury's bags are manufactured in London, which gives Anja the advantage of working closely with the producers to ensure her bags are made and finished to a high standard. “By considering which fabrics I use, where they are from and where I manufacture, I hope my range contributes to a more sustainable future. It is important for me not to compromise my ethical choices or the quality of my products”, says Anja.



So the next time you feel like your head if going round from everything that's going on in your life, press stop and pay attention to the world around. You might be surprised by what you see.

By Kira Kolosova


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