Homeless Frenchman Puts Your Abs to Shame

Other | Wednesday 10th December 2014 | billieek


Last week a video of 50 year old body builder Jacques Sayagh was uploaded to youtube and has since gone viral. The French body builder will make you feel extremely guilty about your bad gym habits when you find out what he goes through in order to stay in perfect body building shape. 

Jacques is homeless and has been for many years. He says that he doesn’t want ‘to live in a small apartment’ and that he never feels the cold. He works out in his ‘home’ of a parisian street with makeshift equipment, wearing old trousers and bare feet. Jacques’ motivation for becoming a body builder was to make his son and grandchildren proud. 



In the video which is made by director Julien Goudichaud, he can be heard asking Jacques how old he is to which the body builder replies that he is 50 years old. The director can then be heard laughing in amazement. We agree that he looks good for 50 and puts most peoples workout routines to shame!