Video Game Saves Lives

Other | Wednesday 10th December 2014 | billieek


Urban Invention, a German design group have come up with an ingenious idea to deter jaywalkers. ActiWait is the name of the group's newest invention and is set to replace the ‘wait’ button which is found at traffic lights all over the world. 

The touchscreen devise will feature a Pong-inspired game that people waiting to cross the road can play against opponents on the other side of the street. Urban Invention says this invention will save lives by encouraging walkers to play the game and wait for the lights to change rather than jaywalking. 


To widen the appeal of ActiWait, its inventors are planning on introducing other games for pedestrians to play. 

A prototype is currently being tested in the city of Hildesheim in Germany with the plan to take it all over the world. 

The company have started an Indiegogo page in order to raise €35,000 to fund the development of their product. 



We think this is an amazing idea! 

If you want to show your support check out Urban Invention’s Indiegogo page here.