Lawyer Restores Faith in Humanity- Read it to Believe it

Other | Monday 8th December 2014 | billieek


Three months ago Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov High School in Chicago starting planning a production of ‘The Music Man’ to perform in front of an audience of women in order to raise $40,000 for charity. Shortly after organizer Chania Belsky put the first nights profits in her car to take to be counted, her vehicle was broken into and all the money was stollen. 

The money was set to go to the Libeneau Foundation, which houses Jewish adults with disabilities. 

"I put the lock boxes in my car to take them to count them, I stopped here at school for just a few minutes, I came back outside and I saw that my car was broken into all the lock boxes were gone, my purse was gone," Belsky said. "Yeah it was pretty devastating, I was quite upset, I was crying hysterically."

Local real estate lawyer Robert Lattas heard what had happened and decided to step in, donating $3,000 to replace some of the stollen funds. 

Humble Lattas said "I mean, this is what you should be doing, you know as an attorney they teach you in law school to give back on a pro bono level. So it isn't just providing services to people for free, it's also providing financial support to organizations that need it."

A truly lovely gesture for a great charity. We love seeing such selfless giving.