Real Life Action Figures

Other | Monday 1st December 2014 | billieek


A ‘real-life action figure’ was spotted this week in central London in a human-sized figure box. This  project was bought to life by the Army Reserves to demonstrate that they are ‘twice the citizen’ and to note the launch of their campaign to celebrate the work done by the Reserve.



This campaign also marked the beginning of a push to recruit thousands of people to the Army Reserves, highlighting the fact that you can join and fit training around everyday life and current jobs. 

Major General Munro, CBE; the most senior serving Reservist in the British Army who attended the activity today commented: “We hope that our real life Reservist action figures around the country will help to raise awareness of the different and interesting jobs available in the Reserve forces in addition to combat roles – from chefs to plumbers and medics to electricians. Joining the Reserves is a great way to experience the Armed Forces and enjoy exciting new challenges while maintaining your civilian life and career.”



On Saturday, the life-size action figures could also be found in Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Edinburgh in the central train station of each city. 



Click here to find out more about the Army Reserves and their campaigns.

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