Still Thinkin' Bout Frank Ocean

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 1st December 2014 | billieek

Since he released Channel Orange two years ago, Frank Ocean has been pretty quiet. We were expecting a follow up in 2014, but apart from fleeting rumours, an appearance on on Beyonce's 'Superpower' and a vocal on Hit-Boy's 'No Such Thing As Black Jesus', nothing much has materialised – until this morning's surprise preview of a new track 'Memrise'.

Posted on his Tumblr without any explanation, the track seems like an unfinished version of new work to look forward to. Lyrics like 'I could fuck you all night from memory alone' sustain the emotional intensity of Channel Orange, and the far-off distant sound and stripped-down woozy aesthetic suggest we can expect great things in the near future. Have a listen:

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