Music for: Halloween

Indie | Monday 27th October 2014 | Fiona

Halloween is a musical challenge for everyone who is sick and tired of listening to Thriller. Seriously, there’s so much more amazing danceable music that’s perfect for a horrific night. We dug a little six-feet-under, and found some tunes to make the monsters go all crazy this Friday night.

For all the zombies

Don’t forget: you’re dead. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to dance and sing. My Chemical Romance’s “Dead” will make your mouldy bones rattle with joy, just make sure you don’t lose your head while headbanging. Besides you don’t need brains to keep up with the lyrics, a bit of la-la-la-la and screaming “DEAD” every now and then will do.

For all the werewolfs

Everybody has their very own ways of flirting. If you’re a werewolf though be aware that not all the lady love it when you’re howling after them. Howl for them instead. The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ For You” slightly reminds of the legendary Tito & Tarantula’s “After Dark”, so you’d be well-advised to watch out for vampires.

For all the hangmen

We know that you’re usually the one who obeys the Queen of Hearts’ orders and lets heads roll, but dancing to this smash hit tonight you may be the one not to see the light of day this time. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s will make you dance ‘till you’re dead. “Off With Your Head” is a real killer.

For all the ghostfaced killers

The Dead 60s’ hymn to your spooky adventures. We hope for your sake that your designated victim doesn’t follow their advice though.