Attack with Severino and Hilit Kolet @ Disco London

House | Thursday 17th July 2014 | Joe

1. Tell us a bit about how you both fell in love with electronic music?
Severino: Oh god it was ages ago… I wanted to be a DJ when I was 7 years old. Obviously it wasn’t very electronic, but definitely more dance music.
Hilit: For me it started when I was about 11, until that age (but also after) I was listening to classical music and playing piano, but then I discovered pirate radio and yes, just fell in love with dance music. I decided I wanted to be one of those radio DJs who discovered the next big dancefloor hit…
2. Where did you meet?
Severino: Black Market Records shop (where Hilit works) and also through mutual friends.
3. Whats the ethos behind the party?
Hilit: Well it started with us wanting to have a space to enjoy the music that we love with the people that we love, whilst leaving those two definitions as vague and loose as possible - because we are vague and loose people haha! These days everything is so boxed, defined, targeted - generally speaking, but also even more so with London clubbing - which can sometimes really take the fun out of it all. 
In this sense, it was important for us that Attack is not just gay or straight or young or grown up, that it’s really mixed; that it’s not just Disco or House, that it’s both and anything else we want to play and dance to. And that it is not East or South - it’s Soho, which falls perfectly into the concept of ‘a bit of everything we like’.
4. What makes your party stand out?
Severino: The venue is super groovy and music is quality
Hilit: Yes, and Soho and a Friday is a magical thing…
5. Have you got any forthcoming releases?
Severino: Yes, few remixes including Roisin Murphy and more stuff as Severino. I’m just busy at the moment DJing and travelling
Hilit: Remixes and edits as well as original stuff, as soon as I’m ready to part with it :)
8. If you could invent a new genre of music what would you call it?
Severino: OMG, I don’t know :-(
Hilit: Well it should probably include the word Cat somehow, hey? What about Discocat… As in discotheque but reversed… Oh forget it!
9. If you threw the last party on earth what would your dream line up be?
Severino: Harvey, Weatherall, Larry Levan… And I’d want artists as well like Stevie Wonder, Prince and Frank Sinatra
Hilit: Yes for everyone Seve mentioned. I would also like to add David Bowie, Chaka Khan, George Clinton… Are we out of budget yet?!
10. What else have you both got going on in the pipeline?
Hilit: Looking forward to a fun summer, good mixture music and travels and friends... I’m playing Lovebox, Stop Making Sense festival in Croatia, Secret Garden Party, Ritter and Renate in Berlin, Notting Carnival after parties, boat parties in London… And we also have some special guests coming up for Attack.
Severino: Travels, music, trying to make people dance and be happy
 Attack with Severino and Hilit Kolet @ Disco London
Line up: Severino, Hilit Kolet
Date: July 18, 2014
Time: 11pm - 3:30am