Snoop Dogg tears up Lovebox

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 9th August 2011 | Osh


Supported by a who’s who of West Coast rap, D-O-double-G and his entourage took Lovebox by storm when they performed his album, ‘Doggystyle’, to 30,000 fans at London’s Victoria Park on Saturday 16th July. The Doggfather and his disciples - including the likes of fellow rapper and family member ‘Kurupt’ - treated the crowd to an assortment of tracks, new and old; recent hits such as ‘I Wanna Love You’ injected versatility into the setlist while staple anthem ‘Gin and Juice’ satisfied Snoop’s old skool fans and got the party in full swing.

The set closed with House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’, with everybody from the hardcore Hip-hop fans to the nu ravers screaming and cheering for Snoop’s gushing proclamation of his love for London!
The show was an ode to Hip-hop from another era, an era lost in the money-making, hit-churning machine that the genre has become, and left fans with a reminder of the pioneers who made it so enjoyable in the first place.