5 Amazing Inventions

Other | Monday 3rd March 2014 | eleguerinel

Google Glass: With those glasses you’re able to view social media feeds, text and use google maps as well as navigate with GPS, take pictures or record what you see. All of this is hand free; it is basically a computer built into spectacle frames which responds to voice commands, taps and gestures.

Amazon Drone: Amazon is due to release a new service called Amazon Prime Air that will deliver packages in 30 minutes or less thanks to automated drones. Within 4 or 5 years, 86% of the products on Amazon will be delivered to your door this way.

dataSTICKIES: A great project that aims to reinvent the concept of USB devices, Post-its with a graphene material, you put on an ODTS (Optical Data Transfer Surface) to access their data. In other words, Post-its filled with Go.  You can even stack them up to combine their content. 

3D printer: A printer that makes a three-dimensional solid object of any shape from a digital model. The cube 3D Printer is in its second generation, now offering faster printability and more materials and modes. 

Waterproof spray: Rust-Oleum’s liquid repelling product is finally available to buy. You can spray it on electronics, clothing or almost any surface and it will become almost completely impervious to moisture.