An Interview with Elon

Other | Tuesday 11th February 2014 | Osh

The end of 2013 saw the release of your anticipated Mooncaper EP on your Resolute Label imprint, it has a killer remix from Clockwork and Avatism. They opened their live set at Sonar with it to a rapturous crowd of 20,000 people. That must have been a real buzz to have experienced what their remix of your track did? 

Yes, absolutely, it happens to be one of my favorite remixes on the label. I am way too picky, actually every remixer on the label had to remix the track three times before i was happy with it, but Thomas and Francesco just killed it from the start with beautiful and fresh styles... 

What plans have you got for Resolute Label in 2014?

I like to take things slowly and surely with the label, quality over quantity, but we have a few artists on the pipeline which I'm very excited to work with. They are all friends and very close people to me, artists that always inspired me, I want to get everyone tighten up as a family... we have a release coming up from mass prod with a remix by dewalta, and a v/a which include some usual suspect from our past lineup, collaborative artists, etc. 

What other fourth coming releases do you have in the pipeline?

I'm working on a new project which will be a bit different from my usual stuff, getting into a new studio and really looking forward for a productive year with music... 

You have a relentless tour schedule what do you get up to when the music stops?

Actually my tour schedule isn't too bad, I don't get booked too much... But I have lots to handle aside from music. I am looking into new business ideas.

There is a lot of new music out there, how do you guys decide whats right for the label?

Whatever sounds right. Tunes that grab my attention right away, nothing too generic, it has to have something new, something clever. I usually try to play it out and test it on the dance floor. However for some reason most of my favorite tunes are tunes that I rarely play out.

If you could change one thing about the scene what would it be?

I want people to stay humble, to keep having fun, to love what they do! Sometimes people let their talent go to their head and forget the reason why they started making music in the first place.

If you could invent a new genre of music what would you call it?

Ummm, I do love to come up with new titles for genres when I'm uploading sounds to soundcloud, some genres that I can think of are - soulful techno, broken house and steakhouse. 


Listen to a remix of Mooncaper below and follow Elon on Facebook here.