Ulocal - The new App that will make you feel at home wherever you go

Wednesday 5th February 2014 | Bloddick

It all started in Utrecht, Netherlands. That is where the two Italian founders (Elia and Edoardo) where studying, and that is where they lived the contradiction that gave roots to their idea.

They were getting to know many people from all around the world, since they found themselves in the same position as the “foreign students”. They also got in touch with them, but there was no meaningful interaction with the locals.

This detachment clearly leaves an empty gap within the lives of the people involved, an unjustified gap that needs to be filled with something to establish a connection between the visitors and the locals.

Ulocal was created to reduce this gap and to connect the two parts. Ulocal is a network that allows any visitor, tourist or foreign student to contact a local from the visited area and get information that could be useful for a more immersive stay.

The purpose of this App is to make any person feel at home everywhere he goes, through a human and social dimension that differentiates it from any other travel App.

Plus, the service is even more credible if we consider the quality of information that a local can give: where to find a parking location or a good skating spot, where to get a real taste of local food or where the closest and best beaches are.

“The App is free and voice calls to Ulocal experts are free, as are instant messages. Ask real people the questions you care about, and get answers right away. Ulocal is much safer and less awkward than asking a stranger, as all Ulocal experts are rated for the quality of their answers, and accuracy of their information.”


Feel at home in every city in the world with Ulocal!


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