5 ways Outlook Festival will change your life

Indie | Wednesday 8th January 2014 | Tilly


5 ways Outlook Festival will change your life

If you’re not hardcore or if you think Tyga is the best rapper of all time, Outlook festival is not for you! Do not consider this party if you don’t have an ear for real music or the liver...or nose to party all day and night.

If you are regular UK festival goer, you may feel like a slight idiot for not saving up your money for Outlook a long time ago. Outlook has everything that Leeds or Reading festival has just minus the knee high mud, heavy rain and rowdy northerners looking for a fight. So after your first Outlook festival, it is very easy to become a foreign festival convert instead of the mundane UK wet weather bullshit ones.


Walking towards the entrance of Outlook festival, while your body starts to tan from the sun you can’t help but notice the blue shimmering sea, but before you see that, the girls will probably catch your attention! All these ‘Summer Bodies’ are finally out in some sun, and with all the alcohol about nobody is shy to let you get a closer look. The first way Outlook will change your life, is with the amount of girls and sex, why? Because it’s everywhere! If you find it difficult to find a UK girl going crazy on her first festival abroad to party with you’re definitely doing it wrong!


A few hours should be enough for you to adjust to all the people buzzing on all the MDMA, Ket, and Speed around or maybe a combination of them all (not advice). Seeing someone deeply converse with a pebble while lying on the sand may start looking normal. Don’t worry they’re having an amazing time and you will end up joining them by the end of the week.


If you’re sick of all the bullshit playing on the radio and the sheep in clubs who sing along to ‘Shake that ass ma’ the music in Outlook will be a breath of fresh spliff smoke. The best of the best underground hip hop, reggae, grime, dubstep, house or techno can be found on Outlook stages. With over 400 DJ’s and Artists only your nan could complain about the music. Come on, The Wailers and Mos Def don’t share the stage with just anyone.


Be prepared to meet Dubsteppers with no limits, Reggae heads with endless spliffs and clean dreads and generally people who live for real music! The best thing about Outlook is that you will not be mingling with conventional twats who know nothing more that chart hits and Starbucks, but people who really live and with whom you can have an interesting conversation with while sharing your drugs.

24/7 raving

From the early hours of the morning till...the early hours of the morning the party is happening! The moment you get your beer and breakfast you can start jamming in the sea listening to the beach party up the way then grab your mates and start cutting some shapes to the musical magic until you find a cool tent/house party to rock out in till you crash. Practice your ‘two drink skank’ and expect to be more fucked than if you took those blue and yellow purple pills